Joy of Jasper

Silver Bar - "Jasper"

Jasper, a Quarter Horse gelding, was registered under the name Silver Bar when he was born. His personality later landed him the nickname Jasper, as he was known by all who loved him.  Except for when we were in the show ring, Jasper was always clowning. He would stretch his neck as far as he could – just like a giraffe – in an attempt to get treats or perhaps a quick pat. Jasper loved apples. He was also really smart, which he proved time again - for example, by learning neck reining in only a matter of minutes. Jasper’s soundness was always an issue, so we were constantly taking care of his legs. Unfortunately, Jasper had to be put down after shattering all of the bones in his foot in a tragic accident while out in the paddock.

I only knew Jasper for one summer, but in that short period of time, he changed my life. When I met Jasper, I was an adolescent girl in desperate need of self-esteem and confidence. I met Jasper at the Therapeutic Equestrian Center, Inc., located in Holyoke, Massachusetts, where I volunteered with the therapeutic riding program. As I worked with him and trained him for the show ring, Jasper gave me not only self-esteem and confidence, but also unconditional love and trust.

His memory and the gifts he gave to so many children are the inspiration for our work.